Embracing the Waves: Autism and Emotional Dysregulation

Embracing the Waves

Life with autism can sometimes feel like you’re a surfer trying to ride the big one – except the waves are your emotions, and you’ve forgotten your board at home. But fear not! Just as every pro surfer started Read more

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From Challenges to Chances: Positive Strategies for Autism and Behavioural Concerns

Positive Strategies for Autism and Behavioural Concerns

Parenting a child with autism can sometimes feel like you’re navigating a labyrinth, but it’s also filled with moments of profound joy and achievement. Understanding behavioural concerns and implementing positive strategies can transform daily challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Navigating the Mists: Autism and Depression

Autism and Depression

Welcome to a candid look at the less talked about, yet very real, intersection of autism and depression. It’s like trying to navigate through a heavy fog with nothing but a dim flashlight – tricky, but not impossible!

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The Overlap Odyssey: When Autism Meets ADHD

Autism Meets ADHD

Hey there, daring navigators of the neurodiverse ocean! It’s time to hoist the sails and explore the bustling archipelago where Autism and ADHD overlap. Like a pineapple and pizza combo, it’s a mix that’s intriguing, unexpectedly delightful, and sometimes, Read more

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Dual in the Spectrum: Unravelling the Knot of Autism and Anxiety


Hello everyone! Let’s chat about the intricate dance between autism and anxiety. It’s like trying to untangle your earphones while they’re doing the tango in your pocket—tricky, but not impossible.

Meet Alex, an individual with autism whose love for Read more

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Navigating the Crossroads: Co-Morbidity and Autism


Welcome to the junction where autism meets co-occurring conditions. Let’s unpack the rollercoaster ride of managing multiple conditions alongside autism, and believe me, it’s more twisty than a plot on a soapie!

Autism isn’t a solo act; sometimes, it Read more

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