Social Superheroes: Unlocking the Power of Play for Kids on the Spectrum

Strap on your capes because today we’re embarking on a heroic quest to build social skyscrapers and forge friendships for our little champions on the spectrum!

Start with Smiles Let’s face it, starting a conversation can be about as Read more

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From Solo to Squad: The Adventure of Helping Your ASD Teen Find Their Tribe

Alright, let’s chat about navigating the social jungle of adolescence with your ASD teen – it’s like trying to explain cricket to a foreigner; it takes patience, passion, and maybe a diagram or two!

The Teen Scene

Teenage hood Read more

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How to Help Your Child with ASD Make Friends at School

Hey there, Dads of Aspies! Let’s talk friendship – not the TV show kind, but the real, live, playground kind. Helping your child with ASD make friends at school can sometimes feel like you’re a novice juggler at the Read more

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Resources for Families of Kiddos with ASD Rocking the Social Skills Dance Floor!

Ever felt like you’re juggling a hundred different tasks, like a chef at a breakfast rush trying to manage a grill full of snags, a toastie machine, and a pesky coffee maker that just won’t cooperate? That’s pretty much Read more

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Strategies for Teaching Social Skills to Children with ASD

Ever felt like you’re trying to explain cricket to someone who’s only ever seen basketball? Teaching social skills to our kiddos with ASD can sometimes feel a bit like that. But, while it can be a challenge, it’s a Read more

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How to Help Children with ASD Develop Social Skills

Ever tried assembling a piece of IKEA furniture without a manual? That’s kind of what diving into the world of social skills feels like for many of our kiddos with ASD. But fear not! Just as we eventually find Read more

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The Importance of Social Skills for Children with ASD

Have you ever tried teaching a child a new skill, like tying their shoelaces? It can sometimes feel that way when teaching social skills to our little ones with ASD. But just as tying shoes is crucial for everyday Read more

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