Parenting Playbook: Championing Your Asper-Teen

Teens sport

Gear up as we dive into the playbook for parenting your amazing Asper-teen. Think of yourself as the coach of a specialized team – each player with their unique strengths and strategies.

1. Communication: The Winning Strategy Mastering communication Read more

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Celebrating Success: Inspiring Stories of Individuals with Autism


Let’s shine a light on some truly inspiring stories of individuals with autism who have achieved great success. Prepare to be amazed, because these accounts are incredibly heartening.

Meet John, an enthusiast of all things railway, who’s created a Read more

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Employment and Autism: Understanding the Workplace


Plot Twist: Workplaces Can Be Awesome for Aspies!

Let’s be real, the job market can be like a game of musical chairs for anyone. But when you throw autism into the mix, it’s like playing in a room where Read more

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Transitioning to Adulthood with Autism: The Adventure Begins

Growing Up

Hey there, Dads of Aspies! Buckle up because today we’re talking about a journey that’s more unpredictable than trying to fold a fitted sheet—helping our adolescents with autism transition to adulthood. It’s like navigating a maze blindfolded, but don’t Read more

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Autism and Family Dynamics: It Takes a Village… And a Family!

When autism enters a family, it’s like someone tossed a Rubik’s Cube, (there’s that cube again, no wonder it is in the logo), into the mix – it adds complexity, colour, and the unspoken challenge, “Can you solve it?” Read more

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Comfort Zone: Tailoring a Safe Autism-Friendly Haven at Home

Creating an autism-friendly home isn’t about a complete overhaul – it’s about crafting a nook of comfort that screams (in a very non-disruptive, sensory-friendly way) “relaxation” for your little champ.

Think of your home as a superhero’s lair. Every Read more

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From Asperger’s to ASD: A Dad’s Guide to Keeping Up with the Lingo

You might have noticed that ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ has quietly stepped out of the spotlight, and ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ (ASD) is now taking center stage. What’s behind the renaming, and what does it mean for us and our extraordinary kids?

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From Solo to Squad: The Adventure of Helping Your ASD Teen Find Their Tribe

Alright, let’s chat about navigating the social jungle of adolescence with your ASD teen – it’s like trying to explain cricket to a foreigner; it takes patience, passion, and maybe a diagram or two!

The Teen Scene

Teenage hood Read more

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How to Help Your Child with ASD Make Friends at School

Hey there, Dads of Aspies! Let’s talk friendship – not the TV show kind, but the real, live, playground kind. Helping your child with ASD make friends at school can sometimes feel like you’re a novice juggler at the Read more

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