How to Spot Sensory Processing Disorder in ASD Kiddos: A Guide for the Dads of the Aspie Universe!

Welcome back to the Dads of Aspies corner. Today, we’re diving deep into the sensory jungle to help you identify Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So, slap on your detective hats, and let’s get sleuthing!

1. The Great Sensory Detective Work Begins: SPD can sometimes play hide and seek, especially when it coexists with ASD. But fret not! With a keen eye and a bit of dad intuition, you can spot the signs.

2. “Why is this tag itching me like a mozzie bite?” If your child seems unusually bothered by clothing tags, seams, or textures, it might be more than just a fashion critique. Sensitivity to certain fabrics is a classic sign of SPD.

3. Lights, Camera, Overreaction! Some kiddos with SPD might react dramatically to bright lights or loud noises. It’s as if they’re starring in their own action-packed movie, and the spotlight is a tad too bright.

4. A Tangle of Emotions: Ever seen your child get extremely upset with a minor change in routine? Or perhaps they’re overwhelmed in crowded places? These could be SPD’s sneaky ways of saying, “Hey, I’m here!”

5. The World’s Most Picky Eater: If your child seems more selective than a MasterChef judge, especially with food textures, it could be SPD’s taste test. Crunchy, squishy, gooey – every texture tells a story.

6. Balance Beam Woes: Children with SPD might have difficulty with balance. If your child seems like they’ve had one too many cordials while walking a straight line, it could be a sensory signal.

7. Playtime Puzzles: Watch out for extreme reactions during play. They might either avoid the sandbox like it’s full of crocs or dive into it like it’s a pool on a scorching summer day.

8. Sherlock’s Sensory Clues: Sometimes, it’s the little things – like avoiding barefoot walks on grass or being overly cautious with new textures. These subtle clues can guide you towards understanding SPD better.

There you have it, dads! While every child is unique, and these signs aren’t a definitive diagnosis, they’re a solid starting point. If you notice any of these signs, consider chatting with a professional. After all, being informed and proactive is our superhero dad move!

Until next time, keep rocking the dad vibes and remember – every challenge is just another adventure waiting to be conquered!

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Note: Always consult with a professional when implementing new strategies or tools for your child.

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